Intro To Quotient Rule Worksheet

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There are a few rules to calculate the quotient of exponents expression. These are known as quotient rules. The quotient rule and power of the quotient rule are used to simplify the exponent product. This quotient rule worksheet is the best way students can learn to divide two exponent expressions having the same base. 

Grade 8

Teaching the Intro to Quotient Rule Easily


The quotient rule of the exponent is also known as quotient law. 

Dividing two exponent expressions with the identical base but with distinct powers:

It states that the quotient or division result of two exponent expressions will be a new exponent having the same base raised with a difference of both the powers. 

 px / py = (p)x-y.

For example, What will the exponent be when a10 is divided by a6?

Solution: a10 / a6 = (a)10-6 = a4. 


Applying the power of quotient low on an exponent expression:

This exponent low or rule is used to simplify the quotient with exponential powers. It states that if a quotient is in the form of a fraction and has a single power, this power can be distributed to the numerator and the denominator.

(p  / q)x = px / qx .

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