Intro To Negative And Zero Exponents Worksheet

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Exponent representation is used to express extremely small or large figures which makes them readable and easily understandable. Negative and zero exponents are two special exponents having negative powers and power zero, respectively. A negative exponents worksheet has many problems that teach students to solve negative exponent problems. 

Grade 8

Teaching Intro to Negative and zero exponents easily


Negative Exponents:

Negative exponents have raised power in negative integers; otherwise they are like general or positive integers. 

To simplify exponent expression with -ve powers, we need to reciprocate the expression, i.e. place 1 in the numerator and move the entire expression in the fraction's denominator.

If p-x is a negative exponent expression, we can write it as 1/px to simplify it. 

Q. Find the value of 2-4.

Solution: 2-4 = 1/24 = [1/(2 * 2 * 2 * 2)] = 1/16. 


Zero Exponents:

Any exponent expression with the power 0 results in 1 no matter whether its base value is extremely large or small. 

If pis an exponent, it equals one, and p can...

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