Simple Percent Word Problems Worksheet

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A  percentage is a rate or an amount in a hundred. We can calculate the percentage for most things. The simplest example is that the students can calculate the percentage of marks obtained in five subjects. There are a number of ways to calculate percentages. When we work with a decimal, multiplication is used and while working with a mixed number, division is used for the conversion of mixed numbers into a percentage. 

Grade 7

Teaching Solving Percent Word Problems Easily 


  • Take a value whose percentage you want to find out. For example, if 50 students passed an examination of 100 students, how many students passed the examination? Here, the value will be 50.
  • Divide the value by the total value i.e. 100 in this case. Thus, 50/100 = 0.2.
  • Multiply the resultant value by 100. So, 0.2 * 100 = 20%.


Why Should You Use a  Simple Percent Word Problems Worksheet for Your Students? 


  • Solving these worksheets will help your students to know about different new concepts such as percent, equa...
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