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Percent error is a measure of the difference between a measured value and the true value. It is calculated as:

(|(measured value - true value) / true value|) x 100%

The percent error is expressed as a percentage, and it can be positive or negative. A positive percent error means that the measured value is greater than the true value, and a negative percent error means that the measured value is less than the true value.

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For example, if the true value of a quantity is 50 and the measured value is 48, the percent error is:

(|(48 - 50) / 50|) x 100% = (|-2/50|) x 100% = (2/50) x 100% = 4%

The percent error can be used to evaluate the accuracy of a measurement or an experiment. Generally, a lower percent error indicates a more accurate measurement or experiment.

It is important to note that percent error can't be used as a measure of precision. It tells us how close the measured value is to the true value, but doesn't tell us how close the measurements are to each other.

Teaching Find Percent Error Easily


  1. Provide students with guided practice using worksheets that involve finding percent error. Start with simple examples and gradually increase the difficulty level.
  2. Continuously monitor student progress by using formative assessments such as worksheets. This can help identify areas where students need additional support.
  3. Check for understanding: Check for understanding by having students explain their thinking and reasoning when finding percent error. This will help to ensure that they have a solid understanding of the concept.

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