Percentage Multipliers Worksheet

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Percentage Multiplier is a number used to determine or calculate the percentage of an amount, and it is also used to decrease or increase an amount by a percentage. The Percentage Multiplier allows us to calculate the increase or decrease of a percentage very quickly. For example, To find a 5 percent of a number, we can multiply the number by a multiplier.


5 % = 5/100 = 0. 05.

Here, 0.05 is the multiplier.


There are steps to keep in mind while solving percentage multipliers.

Grade 7
7.EE.A.2 7.RP.A.3

Teaching Percentage Multiplier Easily


  • Firstly, write down the percentage.


  • Then, convert the percentage into a decimal by dividing it by 100. This is the multiplier.


  •  Lastly, multiply the original number by the multiplier.


Here is an example of solving a problem on a percentage multiplier. Let's look at the example below to understand percentage multipliers.


Q. Find the Percentage Multiplier for 0.26.


Step 1: Write down the decimal.

Decimal = 0.26


Step 2: Convert the decimal i...

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