Percent And Rate Worksheet

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When two different quantities are compared and represented as ratios, they are called 'rates.' For example, if Saurav types 100 words in a minute. Then, the rate of typing is 100 words per minute. Here, the word 'per' signifies per minute, and the term 'per' indicates that we are dealing with rates.

Grade 7

Teaching Percent and Rates Easily 


  • Firstly, determine the two quantities that are mentioned in different units. 


  • Then, find the ratio of these two quantities. 


  • Finally, express the ratio in a simplified manner. 


Here is an example of solving a problem on percent and rate. Let's look at the example mentioned below to understand more about the concept. 


Rate Formula = Quantity 1 / Quantity 2





Q. Lakra bakes 50 cakes in 10 hours. Find out the rate at which he bakes cakes per hour. 




Step 1: Determine Quantity 1 and Quantity 2. 


Quantity 1 = 50 


Quantity 2 = 10 

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