Percentage Using Mental Math Worksheet

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A percentage is an amount or a given part in every hundred, and percentages are the fraction with 100  as a denominator. The term 'percentage' has been derived from the Latin word 'per centum,' which means 'by the hundred.' Percentages can be calculated using two ways, i.e., by changing the fraction's denominator to 100 or by the unitary method. The symbol used to represent percentage is '%.' 


While calculating percentages using mental math, there are specific steps to keep in mind.

Grade 7

Teaching Percentage Using Mental Math Easily


  • Firstly, divide the value by the total value. 


  • Secondly, multiply the obtained value by 100. 


  • Do not forget to use the % sign. 


  Percentage = value / Total Value * 100 


Here is an example of solving a question on percentages. Let's look at the given example mentioned below to understand more about percentages. 


Q. Sam scored 30 marks on his mathematics test. Find the percentage. 


Total marks = 100 



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