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The distributive property of multiplication states that, when we multiply a given number with the sum of two or more numbers ( addends), the result obtained will be equal to the result obtained if you multiply the numbers separately.

For example, 6 (3 + 5) = 6 (8) = 6 8 = 48. Likewise, (6 * 3) + (6 * 5) = 48. We get the same result for both methods. The distributive property holds true or applies to the sum or difference of two or more numbers. 

Grade 7
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching Problems Based on Distributive Property Easily


Things to keep in mind while solving a problem involving distributive property:

  • Firstly, multiply or distribute the outer term with the inner terms.
  • Second, combine the like terms.
  • Thirdly, arrange the terms in a way that the constants and variables are placed on the opposite sides of the equal sign.
  • Finally, Solve the equation and, if needed, simplify.

Here is an example of how to solve a problem based on the distributive property. Let’s consider the given example to learn how to solve a distributive property problem.

A (B + C) = AB + AC is the distributive formula.

Solve for ‘x’: 4 (x + 3) = 16

Using the distributive property,

Step 1: Distribute (Multiply 4 with the values in brackets).

16 (x + 3) = 4

4x + 12 = 16.

Step 2: Subtract 12 from both sides now.The equation will look like this:

4x + 12 = 16.

4x + 12-12= 16-12.

4x = 4.

Step 3: Simplify the Equation

4x = 4

x = 4/4.

x = 1.

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