Distributive Property (Factoring) Worksheet

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Distributive property, also commonly known as the distributive law of multiplication, helps to factor and expand linear expressions. This property is applicable for subtraction as well as addition. This property comes in handy when we solve complex problems of topics like trigonometry, algebra and so on. The main use of this property is to make our calculations easier and faster. 

Grade 7
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching to Solve Distributive Property and Factoring Easily


The distributive property can be expressed in the following manner:


X ( M + N) = (X * M) + (X * N)





Let us understand how to solve questions of distributive property and factoring using an example.

Example: Solve 24  6 using the distributive property.


Since distributive property must be used, we will write 24 as 6 + 18.

Thus, 24  6 = (6 + 18)  6. 

Now, we will distribute the operation of division for each of the factors.

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