Two-Step Inequality (Word Problems) Worksheet

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The non-equal comparison made between two numbers or mathematical expressions is known as inequality. Inequality shows that an expression is either smaller than or greater than another expression. Those inequalities that involve two steps in solving are known as two-step inequalities. In a layman’s language, this means that you will have to multiply, divide, add, or subtract two times in order to solve the inequality that you are presented with. Word problems related to two-step inequality are very helpful to understand inequalities as they are usually associated with the problems of real life. 

Grade 7
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching to Solve Two-step Inequality (Word Problems) Easily


Four easy steps that are discussed below can be used to solve two-step inequality word problems easily.

Step 1: Interpret the word problem properly and form an inequality out of it. 

Step 2: Get the variable on one side of the inequality by either adding or subtracting the constant.

Step 3: Either divide or multiply so that the coefficient on the term can be cancelled out. 

Step 4: One important thing that you will always have to keep in mind is that while you are performing the operation of division or multiplication, the inequality sign changes its symbol.

Why Should You Solve Two-step Inequality (Word Problems) Worksheet for Your Students?


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