Two Step Equation Word Problems Worksheet

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Two-Step Equations are equations that can be solved exactly within two steps. It is a linear equation in one variable. While solving a two-step equation, we should perform the same operation on both sides of the equal sign. Two-Step Equations are written in the form of “ax+b+c = 0”. Here, a,b and c are real numbers. 

There are some basic things to keep in mind while solving a two-step equation word problem.

Grade 7
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching Two-Step Equation Word Problem Easily 


  • You should always remove the constant either by adding or subtracting the appropriate number. 


  • Then, remove the parentheses and combine the like terms to further simplify the equation. 


  • Always verify your solution in the end. 


Two-Step Equation = ax+b+c = 0

Where, a, b and c are real numbers. 





Here is an example to solve a question on a two-step equation word problem. Let’s take the example mentioned below to understand the two-step equation word problem. 


Q. You bought an eraser for 5 INR and four magazines. The total amount spent was 25 INR. How much did the magazine cost?


ATQ, 5 + 4x = 25. 


X = cost of magazine. 


Step 1: Add or subtract the constant term. ...

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