7th Grade Math Statistics Worksheets

7th Grade statistics worksheets are a great way for students to get started with statistics. Statistics is a popular branch of mathematics that encompasses all the different elements that are related to a given data set. It involves different statistical math problems such as data collection, organizing data, data representation and presentation, data interpretation, and data analysis. 

7th Grade Statistics Unit Summary 


The various topics we will cover under 7th Grade Statistics are as follows; 

  1. Calculate mean, median, mode, and range using a data set
  2. Compare mean, median, and range using data set
  3. Identify 5 number summary from box plots
  4. Estimating the population using random samples
  5. Interpreting Dot Plots
  6. Calculate mean, median, mode, and range using dot plots
  7. Compare mean, median, and range using dot plots
  8. Comparing box plots
  9. Making inferences from random samples

Why Should You Use 7th Grade Statistics Worksheets For Your Students? 

Under 7th grade math, students work on statistical math problems with larger populations. Hence, when using statistics worksheets, students can grasp the concepts better and strengthen their skills. 

  • The 7th-grade statistics worksheets help students collect and organize data through experiments and samples. 
  • The students will also learn how to represent the data in histograms, pie charts, and bar graphs. 
  • The statistics practice worksheets will help students develop a strong foundation in core statistics concepts and develop their logical skills. 

Download 7th Grade Statistics Worksheet PDFs.

You can download our free 7th-grade statistics worksheets in PDF format. 

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