Identify 5 Number Summary From Box Plots Worksheet

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Box plots also known as box and whisker plot are used to show the 5 number summary of a given set of data. The minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile, and maximum of a given set of data is known as the 5 number summary. It is interesting to note that we cannot find out the mean of a given data from the 5 number summary. 

Grade 7

Teaching to Solve Identify Five Number Summary from Box Plots Easily


Follow the steps given below to identify five number summary from box plots easily. 


Step 1: Read the box plot properly

Step 2: Identify them in following manner:

  • At the far left hand side of the graph, we have the minimum.
  • The first quartile is represented by the far left hand side of the box.
  • The vertical bar represents the median.
  • The third quartile is the far right hand side of the box.
  • The end of the whiskers is the maximum.

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