Solve One-Step Linear Equations Worksheet

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One mathematical operation, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division, is required to solve one-step linear equations. In these worksheets, students need to find the value of variables for given one-step equations. Use these worksheets to sharpen your calculations.

For example: Solve `16 = 2h` for `h`.

Algebra 1
One-Variable Equations

How Will This Worksheet on "Solve One-Step Linear Equations" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

  • These worksheets will help the student in analyzing equations and applying operations to isolate variables.
  • Mastering one-step linear equations builds a strong base for advanced algebra and higher mathematics.
  • It boosts confidence and provides a positive attitude toward math.
  • It teaches systematic problem-solvin...
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Solved Example

Q. Solve for ff.\newlinef+10.2=16f + 10.2 = 16\newlinef=f = _____
  1. Identify operation: Which operation should be used to isolate ff?\newlineIn f+10.2=16f + 10.2 = 16, we should subtract 10.210.2 from both sides to isolate ff.\newlineSubtract 10.210.2 from both sides.
  2. Subtract 1010.22: f+10.210.2=1610.2f + 10.2 - 10.2 = 16 - 10.2\newlineFind the value of ff.\newlinef=1610.2f = 16 - 10.2\newlinef=5.8f = 5.8

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