Algebra `1` Math One-Variable Equations

In Algebra `1`, one-variable equations resources teach students how to solve equations with a single variable. Using these resources they learn to isolate the variable and balance both sides of the equation. After solving the worksheets of this unit students understand algebra better and apply what they learn to everyday problems.

Why Should You Use the Algebra `1` One-Variable Equations Resources for Your Students?

  • Improving problem-solving skills
  • Strengthening algebra understanding
  • Boosting math confidence
  • Enhancing critical thinking
  • Preparing for advanced math
  • Applying math to real-life
  • Improving test performance

List of Topics Covered:

  • Write variable equation from verbal description
  • Check if `x` satisfies the equation
  • Find the correct `x` for an equation
  • Identify the properties of equality
  • Select the equivalent equations
  • Write an equation using algebra tiles
  • Identify algebra tiles model from an equation
  • Solve an equation using algebra tiles
  • Solve one-step linear equations
  • Solve two-step linear equations
  • Write and solve linear equations word problems
  • Solve multi-step linear equations
  • Consecutive integers word problems
  • Solve linear equations with variables on both sides
  • Find the number of solutions to a linear equation
  • Complete equation with no solutions or infinitely many solutions
  • Write and solve linear equations with variables on both sides (word problems)

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