Identify The Properties Of Equality Worksheet

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Equality properties are used to solve the equations, or to keep both sides of the equations equal. These properties maintain the balance between both sides of an equation. Examples of equality properties include the addition property of equality, subtraction property of equality, multiplication property of equality, and others. In these worksheets, students will identify the specific equality property used to maintain balance between both sides of an expression.
Example: Identify the property of equality used to rewrite the first line.
`6x = 6(y+62)`

Algebra 1
One-Variable Equations

How Will This Worksheet on "Identify the Properties of Equality" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

  • Understanding these properties will enhance the ability to solve equations efficiently and accurately.
  • It helps you to develop logical reasoning skills as you need to analyze...
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Solved Example

Q. Which property of equality is shown below?\newlineIf: 29q=p-29q = p\newlineThen: 29qr=pr-29q - r = p - r
  1. Analyze Equations: Analyze the given equations to understand the transformation from the first to the second.\newlineThe original equation is 29q=p-29q = p. The second equation is 29qr=pr-29q - r = p - r. To go from the first equation to the second, we subtract 'rr' from both sides of the original equation.
  2. Identify Property: Identify the property of equality used.\newlineSubtracting the same number 'rr' from both sides of an equation is an application of the Subtraction Property of Equality. This property states that if you subtract the same number from both sides of an equation, the two sides remain equal.

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