Check If `X` Satisfies The Equation Worksheet

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Checking if a given value of `x` satisfies the equation is fundamental in Algebra. In these worksheets, students need to identify whether the given value of `x` makes the equation true or not.  Use these worksheets to practice key concepts.

For example: Check whether `x = 6` is a solution to the equation `18/x  = 13` or not.

Algebra 1
One-Variable Equations

How Will This Worksheet on "Check if `x` Satisfies the Equation" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

  • It enhances the concept of solutions of equations.
  • Improves problem-solving skills by teaching a systematic approach to verifying solutions.
  • Helps students to gain confidence in handling algebraic equations.

How to Check if `x` Satisfies the Equation ?

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Solved Example

Q. Is x=3x = 3 a solution to this equation? \newlinex9=15x - 9 = -15\newlineChoices:\newline(A)yes\newline(B)no
  1. Identify and Substitute: Identify the equation and substitute x=3x = 3 into the equation.\newlineSubstitute 33 for xx in x9=15x − 9 = −15.\newlineEquation after substitution: 39=153 − 9 = −15
  2. Simplify Left Side: Perform the subtraction to simplify the left side of the equation. 39=63 - 9 = -6
  3. Compare Results: Compare the simplified result with the right side of the equation.\newlineWe found that 39=63 - 9 = -6, but the equation requires it to be 15-15.\newlineSince 615-6 \neq -15, x=3x = 3 is not a solution to the equation x9=15x - 9 = -15.

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