25 Fun Math Activities For Your Classroom 

fun math activities

Classrooms can be fun and engaging when teachers arrange fun activities for students. Sometimes the classroom environment becomes dull and monotonous when teachers only focus on homework and worksheets. Elementary students and sometimes high school students get stressed by continuously solving math problems. However, with some fun math activities for high school students, teachers can create a light and fun-filled environment in the classroom.

Playing fun math activities can also improve class engagement and make learning more enjoyable.  

Some Fun-Filled High School Math Activities For The Classroom:

1. Play Math Baseball

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In this activity, the teacher can divide the class into two teams. Then ask three questions from one team related to any math topics, and after they answer three questions, the teacher asks three questions from the other team. If any group cannot answer the question, the teacher passes the same question to the other team instantaneously. And if the second team cannot answer, the first team will get the point. Each question marks 10 points, and the teachers must ask 20 questions from each team. The team with the full correct answer will likely win the game.

2. Classic Card Game

It is one of the most exciting and fun math activities for high school because, in this activity, each student is given two cards from the deck, each with a number. Then the teacher will provide guidelines for the students to follow in the game. These guidelines depend on the students’ standards and knowledge. For example, if this game is played among kids in elementary school, teachers can ask them to do a sum of all numbers they have on cards. On the other hand, if the game is played among middle school students, they are asked to multiply the number on the cards or some other math-related problems, and the students who get the maximum correct answers will likely win the game.

3. Using Online Video

Smart classrooms are becoming popular and widely used these days. In these classrooms, teachers can use creative courses and cutting-edge technologies to teach various concepts to students. Online videos can be a new way to teach students and be the best high school math activities for the classroom. Many online videos are available on multiple topics, which teachers can present to students and help them learn different concepts and issues. It makes learning more exciting and fun.

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4. Secret Number Quest

It is an exciting activity in which players are divided into pairs of two players. In these pairs, one player will draw the table with columns for one digit number and think of a number that can come in this table. But the students cannot share this with their respective partners. The other partner will guess the number which will come to the table, which should be the same as thought by the other player. If his guess is correct, then he will be the winner. This game can improve the guessing power of the students.

5. Picture Pie

It is a creative activity in which students are asked to cut circles from colored sheets, cardboard, or other material through a cutter or compass. After cutting the process, fold between and cut from between, giving equal portions of the pieces. In this way, students can learn what an equal amount and half of anything is.

6. Pig

This is one of the most engaging math activities for high school in which students roll the dice, and they have to form 100 points by adding the points coming after every roll of dice. After every dice roll, students have two options: roll the dice again or pass it to another member. If the player got one on dice, it will get 0 and have to give the dice to another player even if they want to roll dice again. It makes the game more interesting. The player who can earn 100 points as soon as possible will likely be called a winner.

7. Target Boards

It is an excellent activity to improve the understanding of any math topic. In this activity, many numerical values are written on the whiteboard. Then, the teacher will put the many questions in front of the students. Students must determine which question’s answer is the numerical value on the whiteboard. This way of practicing the math question will become an exciting and fun task.

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8. Math Mind Map

It is among those fun math activities for high school students that enable them to make the connection between different math concepts. In this activity, a numerical value is written on the board, and the students are asked to find the ways or sums through which this number on the whiteboard can be formed. It is a simple activity in which students must find out how numbers on a whiteboard can be included.

9. Bingo

It is another exciting and fun-loving game. Many players can participate in this activity. The students must create a table with a numerical value of 1 to 30 in each box. Every student will make the same table, one by one; all students will announce one number out of 30 numbers than the other students will eliminate this number from their table. The students whose all numbers got eliminated first in the table will announce bingo and be considered the winner of the game. This game can improve eye movement and quick response to the situation.

10. I Have, And Who Has

This activity is a perfect game to improve fluency in addition. In this game, the students are given a card from the decks with numbers like 5+2 and 6. Then, suppose any student announces who has 3+3, and the other students who have it will say I have, and then later will announce the number written on his card and ask another member. This game will be continued further. It is interesting to see how long a chain can be maintained among players without breaking. 

11. Put A Twist On Gym Class

In this activity, the physical education and math subjects got merged. And it can be among the best high school math activity ideas. In this game, the students play the game on the ground as part of physical education. However, by playing it, they can also learn math. For example, a player, while jumping and can see how long they jump, or while playing basketball, students can learn from how much distance the ball reaches to its goal. In this, students can learn to measure distance. This way, learning can be more effective and fun. It can be easy to put the tuff concept into students’ brains.

12. Think Pair Share Exercise

It is a most exciting exercise in which students are divided into three pairs. The first pair will go to select the question or form a problem. Then, this problem will be shifted to the second pair, and they will find the possible solution to the problem situation by discussing it with each other. Finally, the problem with a solution will pass on to the third group for the conclusion, and after that, all three pairs will discuss it further, and the decision will be given at the end. This way, players can get a deeper understanding of any topic and clarity.

13. Quiz

It is the best exercise and fun math activity for high school to activate the students’ brains. In this activity, students are asked random questions from any topic and have to answer. It could be played in teams or individually, depending upon the choices. This game allows the students to think about a different subject at a time and can enhance their thinking and memory power.

14. Make Students Understand The Actual Value Of Math

Nothing is better than understanding the value of anything to make it enjoyable. Explaining to the students about the real-life implementation of math concepts in the world will help to generate interest in the topic. Many online videos can be used to make students understand the use of math concepts in the real world, and it will create curiosity and interest among the students and make them more knowledgeable.

15. Number Talk Activities

Students are shown cards from the back and front sides in this game. Each card has various clues written on the backside and front sides of the card. Students are asked to solve those clues by discussing them and reaching a solution. It can be the best way to discuss the number and make the game more exciting and fun.

16. Number Chart

It can be an exciting activity to do with students in the class. In this activity, players are provided with a chart with 30 to 130 numbers on the chart. Then students are asked to mark an even number with pink and an odd number with green color. After this, one number is written on the board as the number of the day. Finally, students have to point this number through their fingers on the table on the chart by keeping their eyes closed after seeing the table only once. It can improve the mental ability of the students.  

17. Math Introductory Brain Teaser

It is one of the great high school math activities for the classroom to play among the students; In this activity, students are given different brain teasers, which they have to solve in less time with a creative solution. Cracking the brain taser can give the students an immense joy and provide ways to have fun learning. Moreover, playing with brain teasers helps to make the brain active and healthy.

18. Snail Racing

In this activity, the students are asked to draw the12 snails with ten boxes. Then, the students will roll the two dice, and the sum of the two dice will select which snail will move forward, and the snail which reaches the finish line first is the winner.

19. Try Emile

Emile is an online platform with many brain-teasing and fun math activities for students of all grades. It also collects student performance data and gives action in the specialized area where students are weak. This way, students can solve puzzles and play fun math activities. It is an excellent way to engage students with fun activities and games. I can be among some engaging, fun math activities for high school classrooms.

20. Data Bar Graph

In this game, the students are tasked to collect the data and then represent it graphically after the collection in a different format. The students can learn how to use and express the data more diversely in this activity.

21. Hunt Of The Shape

This activity can be played in the playground, where the teacher will hide the different shapes on the ground, and students are asked to find them and identify the shape’s name. This game can become more interesting when we use shapes with unknown words, and students who can see and guess the shape quickly will likely win.

22. Designing The Math Problem

This activity will challenge the students to use their brain power to frame math questions independently, and then this math problem will be solved by other students in the class. It will allow the student to think more critically.

23. True Or False

In this activity, the students will be given sheets on several facts; the students must find out which facts are true or false and mark true or false accordingly.

24. Measuring The Jelly Beans In The Jar

Students in the class are asked to count the jelly in a transparent jar without touching the jar. In this game, students need to estimate the number of jelly pieces in the jar, and the student who makes the closest estimation will most likely win.

25. Aim And Throw To Practice Math Skills

Pick up a set of Sticky Darts and draw two dart boards side by side. You can label the rings with any topic name. Students will throw the darts and then practice or solve the questions based on the topic the dart hits. This improves their ability to solve problems efficiently and with accuracy. 

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The above-discussed fun math activities for high school students show that math can be learned with fun and joy through various fun math activities. Doing something with the help of some fun in it can change the results and the process.

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