11 Inspiring Black History Month Math Activities for Students

Black History Month maths activities

Every year, there are several days dedicated to honoring leaders for their valuable contributions to society. One such significant event is Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month, which is celebrated annually for the entire month of February. The purpose of this observance is to acknowledge and appreciate the significant contributions and accomplishments made by people of African descent throughout history.

During Black History Month, middle school math teachers have the opportunity to educate their students about the significant contributions made by Black Americans. In this article, we will highlight 11 math-related activities that will help foster a sense of respect and appreciation for the rich history and achievements of Black people.

Things To Keep In Mind While Teaching Students About Black History

Black history encompasses a wealth of heritage and milestones that are important for everyone to know, and it extends beyond just discussions of aggression and civil rights, or the most well-known Black leaders. When teaching about Black history, it’s important to keep the following in mind: 

  • Teachers should be conscious of the contributions made by Black individuals and ensure that specific creators are acknowledged and credited. 
  • The diversity of Black culture can be highlighted by including a range of topics in the curriculum.
  • Inviting guest speakers and lecturers from within the Black community can provide students with valuable perspectives and insights.

11 Inspiring Black History Month Math Activities for Your Students

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Here are some engaging and inspiring activities that can be used throughout Black History Month (and beyond) to remind students of the important contributions made by Black individuals and help them learn from them:

1. Quotes from Famous Black Mathematicians

Greet students with a different motivational quote from Black mathematicians each day before class. Mathematicians such as David Blackwell and Katherine Johnson can serve as examples. You can also incorporate these quotes into your lessons and make them a fun classroom activity.

2. Incorporate Anecdotes About Black Mathematicians

Incorporating anecdotes about Black mathematicians and academics into your lessons can enhance students’ understanding of the subject matter. By learning about the significant contributions made by these individuals, students will gain a deeper appreciation for the subject and a better understanding of the concepts. Additionally, hearing about the ideologies and experiences of these mathematicians and academics can provide students with valuable insights into the field.

3. Play Trivia Games That Celebrate Black Mathematicians

Incorporating trivia and games into your lessons can be a fun and effective way to engage students. These activities can foster a sense of competition among students, encouraging them to participate and learn. You can alternate between math-related games and general trivia questions related to Black history.

4. Organize a Black History Month Field Trip

Organizing a field trip to events, places, or programs related to Black history during Black History Month can provide students with a unique and hands-on learning experience. These events, which are often organized by various organizations and societies, can give students the opportunity to learn firsthand about the lives and achievements of Black mathematicians and other accomplished individuals from the Black community.

5. Help Students Attend Virtual Events On Black History

In addition to in-person events and activities, virtual events can also provide students with valuable learning experiences. Online events that showcase the work of Black mathematicians and host interactive team-building activities can be particularly beneficial. These events often involve working on a project related to mathematical theory, allowing students to apply what they have learned in a hands-on and collaborative setting.

6. Math History Timeline Activity

Select a specific timeline in the history of mathematics and ask students to identify key events that led to its progression and advancement. After identifying these events, focus on the achievements made by Black individuals and discuss their impact on the field. Emphasizing important events and asking students to visualize them in chronological order can help deepen their understanding and appreciation for the role of Black mathematicians in shaping the field of mathematics.

7. Study and Create Art

Incorporating art into the learning experience can add a creative and inspiring aspect to studying Black history. Consider teaching students about important art pieces related to Black history and discussing prominent Black artists. Encouraging students to create their own visual art, craft projects, writing, videos, or podcasts related to the works of Black mathematicians can further engage them and spark their imagination.

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8. Assign Readings about Black Mathematicians

Assign readings about the significant works of Black academicians and mathematicians and set aside time for students to discuss their findings. Consider books such as “Hidden Figures,” “Women Who Count,” “Katherine Johnson,” and others as resources for this activity. This can help students gain a deeper understanding of the contributions and accomplishments of Black individuals in the field of mathematics.

9. Identify the Mystery Mathematician

This activity can be a fun way for students to learn more about notable Black mathematicians. Hide the name of a renowned Black mathematician and provide students with hints about their careers and accomplishments. Encourage students to work together to discover the mathematician’s identity and learn about their contributions to the field.

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10. Crossword Puzzles on Black History

This activity is fun and also helps students reinforce their knowledge about Black mathematicians and their contributions to the field of mathematics. Additionally, students can also work in teams or compete with each other to see who finishes the puzzle first, adding an element of competition to the learning experience.

11. Explore Famous Black Mathematicians and Scientists

With this activity, you can guide your students in exploring the contributions of notable black mathematicians and scientists such as David Blackwell, Katherine Johnson, and George Washington Carver, who played crucial roles in advancing science and mathematics.


We hope these activities and ideas for Black History Month have provided you with inspiration for ways to help your students understand and appreciate the contributions of Black people in math and science. What other activities do you conduct in your classroom to celebrate Black History Month and the achievements of Black mathematicians and scientists? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter by tagging @bytelearnAI and letting us know what you and your students do to commemorate this important time.

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