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back to school math puzzles

It becomes a little difficult for students to connect with teachers and studies when they come to school after a long time. Many times they do not feel comfortable in class and remain distracted from their studies. They do not get easily engaged in studies especially when it comes to subjects like math. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of teachers to bring their students back to studies but in an easy and fun way rather than forcing them. 

Back to school math puzzles can become an interesting and engaging subject, and students can enjoy solving math. Students love solving puzzles, and they make their mind more active. There are many puzzles that teachers can use in the classroom with students as back-to-school fun math activities.

What Is The Puzzle?

With these puzzles players have to solve those puzzles in less time from methods other than the traditional method by logical and critical thinking. It is the process of solving the problem creatively to get different ways to reach a solution. There are many puzzles in math that students can solve and improve their level of thinking and engage them in the subject even after long breaks. Solving puzzles is a fun activity. Also, solving puzzles can help students improve their thinking skills and have fun while understanding math.  

Engaging Back To School Math Puzzles For Students

1. Math Crossword

Math crossword is a very interesting game. This game is similar to a word crossword, where the only difference is that in a crossword, words are used, and in a math crossword, numbers will be used in the puzzles. Here the clues will also be given based on addition and multiplication. In these puzzles, students have to solve the clues to get the right answer in the puzzle. This puzzle can improve the multiplication and addition of students and can make it more interesting for small kids. 

2. Kakuro

KAKURO is another crossword math puzzle where players have to see the number given in the box and put a number from 1 to 9 in the adjacent boxes so that the sum of all these numbers should be the clue number shown in the box. The game can improve the guessing power of the students. This game is available online & offline and can be easily played in the classroom with students. Students new to the game can choose the small puzzles, and students who want more challenges can go with the larger puzzles with more challenges. This game is among the most promising back to school math puzzles to drive students’ attention to math in a fun and engaging way. 

3. Magic Square

It is the most interesting puzzle. To play this puzzle, players can use the caps of the bottle. At least 9 bottle caps are used, and they should be placed to create a square grid. The player has to write a number on each cap so that there should be 15 diagonally vertically and horizontally. It is available online and can be easily played in the classroom to have great fun with students and a great learning experience. Students can explore the numbers while enjoying the puzzle. There is also one more opportunity in the offline game players can change the number on the cap, which is impossible in an online game. 

4. Sudoku

SUDOKU is the world’s best math and mental puzzle for all students. In the sudoku game, players have to judge the number from 1 to 9, which should be placed in each box of each grid of completed sudoku squares. Sudoku is a square shape game with nine guineas and nine boxes in each grid. The number 1 to 9 should be placed so that no number should be repeated in the squares vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Sudoku can be one of the best back to school math puzzles or number puzzles to make students fall in love with numbers.

5. Brain Teaser

Brain teasers could be of any type, not only in a mathematical format. In this puzzle, the player has to give a logical answer to the question and explain how they have reached the solution. Back to school math puzzles like the brain teaser can initiate critical thinking and logical reasoning among the students. It could be played among students in a classroom or online. Teachers can find a variety of brain teasers of different levels, from easy to difficult. 

6. Perimeter Magic Triangle

It is the same game as magic square, but here the difference is that the player has to fill the number from 1 to 6 in the triangle so that her sum should be 9 vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. These puzzles can be found online, but playing offline will add more fun to this game, giving more excitement than online playing. 

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7. 2048

It is the most addictive and interesting puzzle. It is a square-shaped game where several numbers are given in some boxes in the square. The player has to slide the number right, left, up, and down to form 2048 in all four boxes vertically, diagonally, and horizontally. This puzzle is addictive and fun, so it’s better to enjoy this game in your pass time. This game helps enhance people’s critical and logical thinking. It is available online, where players can enjoy the puzzle and have fun. 

8. Turn The Fish

It is not a mathematical puzzle but can urge students to think logically and critically. In this puzzle, the first player has to set the matchstick in order and then form the fish to swim in another direction by moving three matchsticks. This game puts a challenge on the player on how they will impact the stick in a certain way to make a fish, a mind-challenging game which can improve the level of thinking of the brain. It is also available online and offline, but playing it offline will add more fun.  

9. Math Riddles

It is a very interesting bunch of back to school math puzzles. In these puzzles, players have to find out how this is possible; this puzzle can help students use their critical thinking to solve the question. Solving riddles can make students think more analytically and logically. It opens the mind to think of the endless possibility to solve the question; this gives chances to make students’ thinking broad to believe in a more logical way to find endless options. 

10. Join The Dots

This puzzle is so different from others; it is easy but not so easy. In this game, players have to join the dots through four straight lines to form the grid. It is not as easy as it seems because it is quite challenging to create the grid through four consecutive lines without breaking the flow of drawing the line. It is a mind-challenging puzzle that demands the attention and critical thinking of the student. 

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Many back to school math puzzles and mind games can be played to make math easy and fun. Though teachers can use these puzzles to engage their students in studies after vacations, these have many other benefits for students. Playing math puzzles creates interest in the subject and makes students mentally tough. It has been proven that students who solve puzzles are likelier to do anything than those who do not play puzzles—puzzles help build mental strength. 

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