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canceling fractions
For Parents

45 Funniest Indoor Math Games for Kids to Play Safely at Home

Apart from studies and other curriculum activities, it is important to conduct fun games for kids so that they stay engaged and active throughout the …



subtracting by the adding the Opposite featured

Subtracting Integers By Adding The Opposite

By middle school, students have developed confidence in working with addition and subtraction. They understand that subtraction means to take something away from a given amount. Using a visual tool

lcm problems solving featured

How To Solve LCM Problems

The steps for solving GCF and LCM problems tend to get jumbled up in the minds of students. They have a vague sense of dividing or multiplying, but often are

solve the reciprocal equation

How To Solve Reciprocals in Equations

Students have used reciprocals when thinking through relationships like 10÷2=10.1/2. They have used reciprocals to make sense of dividing with fractions. These understandings can also be applied to more complex

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