Solve A System Of Equations By Elimination Worksheet

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A system of equations is a set of two or more equations that contain the same variables. A system of equations can be solved using various methods, one of which is elimination.

Elimination method, also known as the addition method, is a technique used to solve a system of equations by adding or subtracting the equations to eliminate one of the variables. The goal of the elimination method is to create a new equation with one variable, which can then be solved to find the value of that variable.


Grade 8
Systems Of Equations

To use the elimination method to solve a system of equations, one of the equations is multiplied by a constant so that when the two equations are added or subtracted, one of the variables will cancel out.

For example, consider the following system of equations:

3x + 2y = 12

4x - 3y = 5

One way to eliminate the y variable is to multiply the first equation by -3 and add it to the second equation:

(3x + 2y = 12) * -3 + (4x - 3y = 5)

-9x - 6y = -36 + 4x - 3y = 5

-5x = -31

x = 6

Now that we have x = 6, we can substitute this back into one of the original equations to find y

3x + 2y = 12

3(6) + 2y = 12

18 + 2y = 12

2y = -6

y = -3

So the solution of the system of equations is x = 6

Teaching a system of equations by elimination  Easily


  1. Using real-world examples: Provide students with real-world examples of situations that involve systems of equations, such as in physics, engineering or economics. This can help students understand the concept and apply it to new situations.
  2. Guided practice: Provide students with guided worksheets that involve solving a system of equations using the elimination method. Start with simple examples and gradually increase the difficulty level.
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