Subtract Signed Numbers Worksheet

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Signed numbers refer to the negative and positive numbers. If there is no sign, then the term is automatically known as 'positive signed number'. On a number line, all the terms that are right of 0 are known as negative numbers. Similarly, all the numbers that are left of 0 are known as positive numbers. For example, -1, -5 are negative numbers. While  1 and 6 are positive numbers. It is very easy to subtract signed numbers.

Grade 7
Signed Number Operations

Teaching Subtracting Signed Number Easily


  •  Whenever, we subtract two numbers of the same sign, you can just change the number of the sign that is being subtracted.


  •  However, the subtraction problems can be represented only horizontally.


Let us take an example mentioned below to understand more about subtracting signed numbers.


Example 1: Solve for +3 - 5.

According to the question, both the numbers are of different signs. Hence, we can easily subtract them.

So, + 3 - 5 = -2.

Why Should You Use a Subtract Signed Number Worksheet for Your Students?


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