Rate Of Change (Level 2 Word Problems) Worksheet

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The rate of change is the total amount of change in one item divided by the corresponding amount of change in the other item. The rate of change is the rate at which one quantity changes with respect to another quantity. However, the average rate of change is the total change that occurred divided by the time taken. The distance traveled by a car in a minute can be calculated using the rate of change. 

Grade 7
Signed Number Operations

Teaching Rate of Change Level 2 Easily 


  • Find the change step wise i.e first  in one quantity. 


  • Then, find the change in the second quantity. 


  • Lastly, use the formula of the rate of change. 


Here is an example of solving the rate of change word problems. Let’s look at the example below to understand more about the concept. 




 Rate of Change = Change in quantity 1/ Change in quantity 2


Q. Find the rate of change for the following table: 


TimeDistance Travelled






Step 1: Mention the rate of change in ...

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