Geometry Combining Like Terms Worksheet

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Like Terms are the algebraic terms that have the same variable and which are raised to the same power. For Example, 4x and 10x are two algebraic terms that are similar in nature. Combining like terms is a geometrical process that is used to add or subtract an expression or simply it. For example, 2x + 4x = 6x.  

Grade 7
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching Geometry Combining Like Terms Easily


  • Firstly, Group together the like terms i.e. terms having the same variable and exponent. 


  • Secondly, Add the coefficients of each group together. This will provide you with a total. 


  • Finally, you can combine all the newly formed groups to get the required result. 


Like Terms: 

. 4y + 2y.         

. 2x - 3x.

. 12r - 10 r.







Here is an example to solve a question on combining like terms. Let us consider the given example to understand the concept of combining like terms. 


Q. Solve: 2x + 3 + 3x + 5 


Step 1: Group together all the like terms. 

Here, 2x and 3x are like terms. 


So, 2x + 3...

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