Divide Signed Fractions Worksheet

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A fraction having no sign is referred to as a 'positive signed number'. The term signed fraction refers to the negative and positive fractions given. On a number line, all the terms that are right of 0 are known as positive numbers. Similarly, all the numbers that are left of 0 are known as negative numbers. For example, -3/4, and -6/2 are negative fractions. While 6/2 and 9/4 are positive numbers. It is easy to divide signed fractions.

Grade 7
Signed Number Operations

Teaching Dividing Signed Fractions Easily


  • Whenever, we divide two fractions of the same sign, always multiply the second fraction with the first one in reciprocal form and keep the same sign.


  • However, the division of fractions can be represented horizontally by multiplying the numerator of the first fraction with the denominator of the second one and the denominator of the first fraction with the numerator of the second fraction.


Let us take an example mentioned below to understand more about Dividing signed fractions.


Example 1: Solve for ¾ x  5/2.


According to the question, both numbers are of the same sign. Hence, we can easily divide them.

So, ¾ / 5/2  = (3 x 2)/(4 x 5) = 6/20

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