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Simplifying Expression forms the basis for solving any algebraic expression. It means an expression has no like terms that are not combined. To simplify an expression, we combine all the like terms (if any), and then we are left with unlike terms that cannot be further simplified.

Grade 7
Expressions, Equations, And Inequalities

Teaching Simplifies Expression Easily.


  • Firstly, Solve the parentheses by adding or subtracting like terms (if any). For example, 3x (x + y) = 3x.x + 3xy. 
  • Secondly, use the exponent rules to simplify the like terms. 
  • Now, add or subtract the like terms. 
  • Then, write the expression that is obtained in the standard form. 

Here is an example of solving a problem by simplifying expressions. Let’s consider the given example to learn how to solve a question by simplifying expressions.

Simplify the expression: 4xy - 2x - 3(xy +1) - 2y .


Step 1: Simplify the parentheses by adding or subtracting the like terms. 


⇒ 4xy - 2y - 3(xy +1) - 2y

⇒ 4xy - 2y - 3xy - 3 - 2y

Step 2: ...

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