Find Surface Area Given A Net Of A Triangular Prism Worksheet

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6th graders should understand the definition of a triangular prism and how to use its net to determine the surface area. Teachers can use a "Find surface area given a net of a triangular prism Worksheet" to help their students gain proficiency in this skill. The net of a triangular prism is the unfolded two-dimensional representation of the prism. By calculating the area of each of its faces and adding them together, students can determine the surface area of a triangular prism.

Grade 6

For example: What is the surface area of the triangular prism?





The above net has 2 triangles and 3 rectangles.

Area of first triangle = ½*b*h = ½*16*15 = 120 ft^2

Area of second triangle = Area of first triangle = 120 ft^2

Area of left rectangle = l*w = 17*14 = 238 ft^2

Area of middle rectangle = l*w = 16*14 = 224 ft^2

Area of right rectangle = l*w = 17*14 = 238 ft^2


Surface area of the triangular prism = Composite area of 2 triangle and 3 rectangles


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