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Coordinate Battleship Lesson Plan


In this lesson, we’ll play the game of coordinate battleship to reinforce the skill of graphing points in all four quadrants of the coordinate plane. This game can be used as a filler activity or used for practice with plotting and naming points.

Grade 6
Coordinate Plane
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Students will be able to name coordinate points and practice deploying a strategy for playing the board game.


  • Teacher slideshow
  • Coordinate Battleship Game Board
  • Dry erase markers
  • Online Practice

How to Teach Coordinate Battleship


To prepare for the lesson: Make laminated copies of the game board (or you can insert in sheet protectors) and make copies of the small paper board. Each student needs a laminated game board and each student will need the disposable paper game board (each student in a pair will create the battleship plan and will also be a guesser).

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Introducing coordinate battleship

Ask students to raise their hand if they have ever played the game “battleship” before. Ask students to share some of the rules for playing. Students may say that the object of the game is to sink all the opponents ships by using pegs on a gameboard to show hits and misses. 

Explain to students that they will be playing a game today where they will get to deploy strategies for sinking all the opponents battleships by naming the correct coordinate points to where their partner’s ships lie.  

Pass out the laminated coordinate battleship to each student in the class. Make copies of the smaller coordinate cards and pass those out to each student in the class as well. Make sure to pass out dry erase markers to all students who have the laminated coordinate game board. 

How to play

Share slide two of the slideshow to go over the rules of the game with students.

Tell students that they will take turns at guessing points that their partner plotted. Your partner will respond with either “hit” or “miss.” For example, you call out `(-1, 3)` and your partner does not have that on their board. They would say “miss” and you record the miss by drawing an `\text{X}` over the coordinate point. If you call out a point that is on the partner’s board, they would say “hit” and you record it with an `\text{O}`. This will help you to strategize what ship they are working to sink. When all the points on a ship have been called out, the ship will be sunk. The student who is able to sink all their partner’s ships first wins!

Plotting Points Practice

You might want to do this online practice either before or after the battleship game. ByteLearn gives you access to tons of coordinate plane problems. Check out the online practice and assign to your students for classwork and/or homework!

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Plotting Points Practice
Problem 1 of 8
<LineGraph data-props='{ "options": { "x_min": -10, "y_min": -10, "y_max": 10, "x_max": 10, "cell_size": 20, "x_interval": 1, "y_interval": 1, "x_axis_name": "x", "y_axis_name": "y" }, "points": [ { "id": 0, "x": 7, "y": 3, "show_point": true, "highlight_point": true, "show_coordinates": false, "x_coordinate_highlight": true, "y_coordinate_highlight": true, "show_x_intercept_point": false, "show_y_intercept_point": false, "show_x_intercept": false, "show_y_intercept": false, "label": "U", "highlight_point_color": "#377CF6" }, { "id": 1, "x": -2, "y": 7, "label": "V", "show_point": true, "highlight_point": true, "highlight_point_color": "#377CF6", "x_coordinate_highlight": true, "y_coordinate_highlight": true, "show_x_intercept_point": false, "show_y_intercept_point": false, "show_coordinates": false, "show_x_intercept": false, "show_y_intercept": false }, { "id": 2, "x": -5, "y": -7, "show_point": true, "highlight_point": "truer", "highlight_point_color": "#377CF6", "show_coordinates": false, "x_coordinate_highlight": true, "y_coordinate_highlight": true, "show_x_intercept_point": false, "show_y_intercept_point": false, "show_x_intercept": false, "show_y_intercept": false, "label": "W" } ], "line_segments": []}'></LineGraph ><p>Use the coordinate plane to write the location and coordinates of each point.</p>

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