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Multiplying numbers in scientific notation involves multiplying the coefficients and adding the exponents of the powers of `10`. This method simplifies calculations with very large or small numbers by leveraging the rules of exponents. It's widely used in scientific and engineering fields to handle data represented in compact and manageable forms, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in computations involving magnitude-based values.

Algebra 1
Scientific Notation

How Will This Worksheet on "Multiply Scientific Notations" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Helps students grasp the concept of multiplying numbers in scientific notation.
  • Improves ability to perform multiplication operations efficiently and accurately.
  • Focuses on precision, reinforcing the multiplication of coefficients and addition of exponents.
  • Bridges theoretical knowledge and practical application for real-world scenari...
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Solved Example

Q. Multiply. Write your answer in scientific notation.\newline(2×103)(3×102)(2 \times 10^3)(3 \times 10^2)\newline______
  1. Identify Coefficients and Powers: Identify the coefficients and the powers of 1010 in the given expression.\newlineCoefficients: 22 and 33\newlinePower terms: 10310^3 and 10210^2
  2. Multiply Coefficients: Multiply the coefficients together. 2×3=62 \times 3 = 6
  3. Add Exponents: Add the exponents of the power terms since the base is the same 1010.\newline103×102=10(3+2)=10510^3 \times 10^2 = 10^{(3 + 2)} = 10^5
  4. Combine Results: Combine the results from Step 22 and Step 33 to write the final answer in scientific notation.\newlineCoefficient = 66\newlinePower term = 10510^5\newlineScientific notation: 6×1056 \times 10^5

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