Compare The Number In Scientific Notation Worksheet

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Compare numbers in scientific notation involves evaluating two numbers expressed as  `a×10^n` to determine which is greater or smaller. This process includes comparing  the coefficients and comparing the exponents. Compare the values of the coefficients (the numbers before the "`x10`") to determine which number is larger or smaller. If the exponents are the same, the number with the larger coefficient is larger. If the exponents are different, the number with the larger exponent is larger.

Algebra 1
Scientific Notation

How Will This Worksheet on "Compare the Number in Scientific Notation" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • To compare numbers in scientific notation, students must understand place value and exponents.
  •  It helps in Exposure to Real-World Applications.
  • These worksheets help students practice and develop the ability to analyze and compare large and small numbers efficiently which is a key skill in s...
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Solved Example

Q. Which sign makes the statement true?\newline9.70×1049.70 \times 10^4 ?\text{?} 9.720×1059.720 \times 10^5\newlineChoices:\newline(A) >>\newline(B) <<\newline(C) ==
  1. Exponents Comparison: We have:\newline9.70×1049.70 \times 10^4 and 9.720×1059.720 \times 10^5\newlineAre the exponents the same or different?\newlineExponents are 44 and 55.\newlineBoth exponents are different.
  2. Different Exponents: Exponents are different.\newline9.70×1049.70 \times 10^4 ____ 9.720×1059.720 \times 10^5\newlineWhich sign makes the statement true?\newlineCompare the exponents because they are different.\newline4<54 < 5\newline9.70×104<9.720×1059.70 \times 10^4 < 9.720 \times 10^5

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