Identify Equivalent Expressions Worksheet

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Identify equivalent expressions focuses on the concept of recognizing and determining expressions that are equivalent or have the same value. 

Equivalent expressions may have different forms but produce the same results when simplified or evaluated. This process involves understanding various algebraic operations, such as combining like terms, distributing, factoring, and simplifying expressions, to identify and generate equivalent expressions.

Algebra 1

How Will This Worksheet on "Identify Equivalent Expressions" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

  • Developing problem-solving skills.
  • Improving understanding of algebraic concepts.
  • Enhancing analytical skills.
  • Building fluency in algebraic manipulations.
  • Preparing for advanced math topics.

How to Identify Equivalent Expressions?

  • Compare the terms in the expressions.
  • Use properties of operations such as the
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Solved Example

Q. Which expression is equivalent to 5(m+9)5(m + 9)?\newlineChoices:\newline(A) 5m+455m + 45\newline(B) 14m14m\newline(C) 45m45m\newline(D) 45m+545m + 5
  1. Distribute 55 to m and 99: Distribute the 55 to both m and 99.\newline5(m+9)=5m+595(m + 9) = 5\cdot m + 5\cdot 9
  2. Multiply 55 by mm and 99: Multiply 55 by mm and 55 by 99.
    5×m=5m5\times m = 5m
    5×9=455\times 9 = 45
    So, 5(m+9)=5m+455(m + 9) = 5m + 45

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