Write Variable Expression From Verbal Description Worksheet

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Write variable expression from verbal description involves converting spoken or written phrases into algebraic expressions using variables, constants, and mathematical operations. This skill helps students translate real-world situations into mathematical form, enabling them to solve problems more effectively and understand the relationship between language and algebra. Write variable expression from verbal description worksheet will help students mastering this skill and develop problem-solving abilities.

Algebra 1

How Will This Worksheet on "Write Variable Expression from Verbal Description" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

  • Helping students translate words into mathematical expressions.
  • Connecting math concepts to real-world situations.
  • Improving problem-solving skills using algebra.
  • Encouraging logical thinking and reasoning.
  • Building a foundation for advanced algebraic concepts.

How to Write Variable Expression from Verbal Description?

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    Solved Example

    Q. Write an expression for the operation described below.\newlinesubtract pp from 77
    1. Identify Operation: Identify the math operation found in the phrase:\newline"subtract pp from 77\newlineIn "subtract pp from 77", the operation is subtraction.\newlineOperation symbol: -
    2. Write Expression: Write an expression to represent "subtract pp from 77".\newlineSince we are subtracting pp from 77, we put pp after the subtraction sign and 77 before it.\newlineExpression: 7p7 - p

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