Evaluate Expression For Given Rational Number Worksheet

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Evaluating expressions for a given rational number involves substituting a specified rational number (a number that can be expressed as a fractions) into a mathematical expression and calculating the result. This process helps students understand how expressions change with different types of numbers, enhances their skills in working with fractions and decimals, and reinforces algebraic manipulation. It is essential for solving various mathematical problems and applying algebra in real-world contexts.

Algebra 1

How Will This Worksheet on "Evaluate Expression for Given Rational Number" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

Worksheets on Evaluate expression for given rational number benefit students' learning by:

  • Practising how to substitute rational numbers into expressions.
  • Showing the impact of changing numbers in expressions.
  • Enhancing calculation skills with fractions and decimals.
  • Building confidence in algebra.
  • Teaching real-world applications of math concepts.
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Solved Example

Q. Evaluate the expression for k=0.6k = -0.6.\newlineWrite your answer as a decimal or whole number.\newline89.1k=8 - 9.1k = _____
  1. Substitute k=0.6k = -0.6: Substitute k=0.6k = -0.6 into the expression 89.1k8 − 9.1k.\newlineCalculation: 89.1(0.6)8 − 9.1(-0.6)
  2. Multiply 9.19.1 by 0.6-0.6: Multiply 9.19.1 by 0.6-0.6.\newlineCalculation: 9.1×0.6=5.469.1 \times -0.6 = -5.46
  3. Subtract result from 88: Subtract the result from Step 22 from 88.\newlineCalculation: 8(5.46)=8+5.46=13.468 - (-5.46) = 8 + 5.46 = 13.46

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