Add And Subtract Rational Numbers Worksheet

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To add and subtract rational numbers, you must first identify their common denominator. Using this common denominator, convert each fraction to an equivalent fraction. Next, modify the numerators while maintaining the same common denominator. Finally, if at all possible, simplify the resulting fraction. For example: `\frac{1}{4} + \frac{1}{6} = \frac{3}{12} + \frac{2}{12} = \frac{5}{12}`.

The add and subtract of rational numbers are very useful in calculation of algebra, calculus etc.

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Solved Example

Q. Add.\newline910+310=\frac{9}{10} + \frac{3}{10}=_____
  1. Identify common denominator: Both fractions have the same denominator, which is 1010. This means we can add the numerators directly.
  2. Add numerators: Add the numerators. 910+310=(9+3)10\frac{9}{10} + \frac{3}{10} = \frac{(9+3)}{10}
  3. Perform addition: Perform the addition.\newline910+310=(9+3)10=1210\frac{9}{10} + \frac{3}{10} = \frac{(9+3)}{10} = \frac{12}{10}
  4. Simplify fraction: Simplify the fraction if possible. 1210\frac{12}{10} can be simplified to 65\frac{6}{5} or 1151\frac{1}{5} if we want to express it as a mixed number.

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