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To convert fractions to decimals involves the transformation of fractional values into their decimal representations. Usually, converting fractions to decimals involves dividing the top number, or numerator, by the bottom number, or denominator. For example, in the fraction `3/4, 0.75` is obtained by dividing `3` by `4`. Its widely used to perform basic algebraic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

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How Will This Worksheet on "Convert Fractions to Decimals" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

  • Enhances the understandings of decimals and fractions.
  • Helps with number sense.
  • Presents a range of conversion techniques.
  • Strengthens reasoning abilities.
  • Offers increasing levels of challenge.
  • Permits independent learning.

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Solved Example

Q. Write 21100-\frac{21}{100} as a decimal number.
  1. Convert to Decimal: To convert a fraction to a decimal, you divide the numerator by the denominator. In this case, we need to divide 21-21 by 100100.\newline
  2. Calculation: 21÷100=0.21-21 \div 100 = -0.21

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