Find Area Of Composite Figures (Rectangles And Semicircles) Worksheet

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Composite figures consist of two or more different figures. For example, a rectangle and a semicircle can be put together to form a different shape. We can find these composite figures in our everyday lives. To find out the area of these figures, we cannot apply the usual formula that we apply for finding out the area of usual figures like rectangles, circles, squares, and so on. 

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Surface Area And Volume

Teaching Solve for Find Area of Composite Figures (Rectangles and Semicircles) Easily 


Follow the steps given below to find the area of composite figures (rectangles and semicircles) easily.


Step 1: Divide the composite figure into basic figures. For example, if you have a composite figure composed of a rectangle and a semicircle, separate both of them.

Step 2: Find the area of each basic figure separately. This means that the area of a rectangle and the area of a semicircle will be found out separately. 

Step 3: Add different areas that have been found out and then write the answer in square units.

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