Calculate Experimental Probability Worksheets

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A type of probability that is based on adequate information of the events and actual information is known as ‘experimental probability’. It is also known as Empirical Probability. It illustrates the likelihood of an event to occur based on historical data. The empirical probability can be evaluated by dividing the number of times an event occurred by the total number of times an experiment is performed. 

Grade 7

Teaching Calculating Experimental Probability Easily 


  • Firstly, find the number of times a favourable event occurred.
  • Secondly, find the total number of times an event occurred. 
  • Lastly, divide the number of times the event occurred by the total number of times an event occurred. 


Why should you use a calculated experimental probability worksheet for your students? 


  • Solving the experimental probability worksheet will help your students to evaluate and determine probability based on historical data easily. 


  •  These worksheets will help your students to prac...
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