Write Slope-Intercept Form Given Slope And `Y`-Intercept Worksheet

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To write the slope-intercept form of a line, use the formula `y = mx + b`. Here "`m`" is the slope and "`b`" is the `y`-intercept. Just plug in the values of `m` and `b` into the formula to get the equation of the line. This format helps you easily see how the slope and `y`-intercept change the line's angle and position on a graph, giving a clear picture of straight-line relationships.

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How Will This Worksheet on "Write Slope-Intercept Form Given Slope and `Y`-Intercept" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • The more they practice this the better they get at algebra and understanding how numbers work together in equations.
  • For example, to understand the trend of data, or predict using graphs.
  • It allows students to learn how to read and interpret graphs which is a necessary skill for over tons of subjects and jobs.
  • This demonstrates the impact of both the slope `(m)` and where on the `y`-axis th...
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Solved Example

Q. A line has a slope of 17-\frac{1}{7} and a yy-intercept of 15-15. Write its equation in slope-intercept form.\newlineWrite your answer using integers, proper fractions, and improper fractions in simplest form.
  1. Identify Form: Identify the slope-intercept form of a linear equation.\newlineThe slope-intercept form of a linear equation is y=mx+by = mx + b, where mm is the slope and bb is the yy-intercept.
  2. Insert Values: Insert the given slope and y-intercept into the slope-intercept form.\newlineWe are given the slope mm as 17-\frac{1}{7} and the y-intercept bb as 15-15. Substituting these values into the slope-intercept form, we get y=(17)x+(15)y = \left(-\frac{1}{7}\right)x + \left(-15\right).
  3. Simplify Equation: Simplify the equation if necessary.\newlineIn this case, the equation y=17x15y = \frac{-1}{7}x - 15 is already in its simplest form. There is no need for further simplification.

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