Write Slope-Intercept Form Given Equation Worksheet

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To write the slope-intercept from given equation, rearrange the equation so that \( y \) is isolated before writing it in slope-intercept form (\( y = mx + b \)). In this case, the constant term \( b \) represents the `y`-intercept, and \( m \) is the slope (coefficient of \(x \)). This style makes charting and interpreting the behavior of the line easier. 

Important points are:

  • \(b \): `y`-intercept 
  • \(m \): slope.
Algebra 1
Linear Relationship

How Will This Worksheet on "Write Slope-Intercept Form Given Equation" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Practice isolating variables and rearranging equations.
  • Learn about slopes and `y`-intercepts.
  • Enhance critical thinking with multi-step problems.
  • Easily graph lines using slope and intercept.
  • Build a foundation for calculus and linear algebra.
  • Regular practice increases confidence and competen...
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Solved Example

Q. Rewrite the following equation in slope-intercept form.\newliney+4=7(x3)y + 4 = 7(x - 3)
  1. Identify slope-intercept form: Slope-intercept form: y=mx+by = mx + b
  2. Given equation: Start with the given equation. y+4=7(x3)y + 4 = 7(x - 3)
  3. Distribute 77 to xx and 3-3: Distribute 77 to xx and 3-3.\newliney+4=7(x)7(3)y + 4 = 7(x) - 7(3)\newliney+4=7x21y + 4 = 7x - 21
  4. Subtract 44 to isolate y: Subtract 44 from both sides to isolate yy.\newliney+44=7x214y + 4 - 4 = 7x - 21 - 4\newliney=7x25y = 7x - 25

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