Write Linear Equation After Translation Worksheet

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Write linear equation after translation involves expressing a linear equation that has been shifted horizontally or vertically on a graph. This means adjusting the equation to reflect changes in its position without altering its slope. Understanding this concept helps in accurately representing linear relationships that have been moved within a coordinate plane. Use these worksheet to practice linear equation.

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Linear Relationship

How Will This Worksheet on "Write Linear Equation After Translation" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Teaching how to shift linear equations horizontally or vertically on a coordinate plane.   
  • Applying math concepts to real-world scenarios involving translations.   
  • Developing problem-solving skills to model changes in data with translated equations.
  • Fostering critical thinking about the effects of shifts on equations and interpretations.
  • Providing groundwork for understanding more complex mathematical topics and applications.

How to Write Linear Equation After Translation?

`1`. Understand the Original Equation: Begin with the standard form of a linear equation:  `y = mx + b`, where `m` is the slope and `b` is the `y`-intercept.

`2`. ...

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Solved Example

Q. Find g(x)g(x), where g(x)g(x) is the translation 33 units up of f(x)=xf(x) = x. Write your answer in the form mx+bmx + b, where mm and bb are integers.
  1. Identify g(x)g(x): Identify g(x)g(x) when translating 33 units up of f(x)f(x). Transformation rule: g(x)=f(x)+kg(x) = f(x) + k
  2. Substitute 33 for kk: Substitute 33 for kk in g(x)=f(x)+kg(x) = f(x) + k. \newlineg(x)=f(x)+3g(x) = f(x) + 3
  3. We have: We have: f(x)=xf(x) = x \newlineg(x)=f(x)+3g(x) = f(x) + 3
  4. Substitute xx for f(x)f(x): Substitute xx for f(x)f(x) in g(x)=f(x)+3g(x) = f(x) + 3. g(x)=x+3g(x) = x + 3

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