Solve One-Step Linear Inequalities Using Addition And Subtraction Worksheet

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A one-step linear inequality is a type of mathematical expression where a single operation is needed to  isolate the variable on one side of the inequality symbol. It is an inequality where we find the value of the variable with only one mathematical operation, either addition or subtraction. In these worksheets, students will find the value of the variable using a single mathematical operation.

Algebra 1
One-Variable Inequalities

How Will This Worksheet on "Solve One-Step Linear Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

  • It helps us understand how to isolate variables in an equation or an inequality laying foundation for complex algebraic expressions.
  • It enhances problem-solving skills as students learn how to examine the given inequality and use appropriate operations to find the solution.
  • It helps us to...
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Solved Example

Q. Solve for jj.\newlinej+4<6j + 4 < 6
  1. Identify Operation: j+4<6j + 4 < 6\newlineWhich operation should we use to isolate jj?\newline44 is being added to jj in j+4<6j + 4 < 6.\newlineSubtraction should be used to isolate jj.
  2. Isolate jj Using Subtraction: j+4<6j + 4 < 6\newlineSolve for jj.\newlinej+44<64j + 4 - 4 < 6 - 4\newlinej<2j < 2

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