Solve For A Variable In Terms Of Other Variables Worksheet

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Solving for a variable in terms of other variables involves isolating one variable in an equation and expressing it in relation to the other variables. In these worksheets, students need to solve for one variable in terms of another variable for the given equation.

For Example: 

Solve for `s` in terms of `P`.


Algebra 1
Two-Variable Equations

How Will This Worksheet on "Solve for a Variable in Terms of Other Variables" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Improves problem-solving skills by using algebra to find unknowns.
  • Aids in understanding the relationship between variables.
  • Teaches the students how to modify equations to identify specific variables, which strengthens critical thinking.

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Solved Example

Q. Solve for xx in terms of vv, ww, yy, and zz. \newlinezv=xywzv = -xyw \newlinex=x = ______
  1. Identify Operation: We have the equation: \newlinezv=xywzv = -xyw\newlineWhich operation should be used to isolate xx?\newlineIn zv=xywzv = -xyw, xx is multiplied by yw-yw.\newlineWe should use division to isolate xx.
  2. Use Division: Divide both sides by yw-yw to solve for xx.zvyw=xywyw\frac{zv}{-yw} = \frac{-xyw}{-yw}
  3. Divide and Simplify: Simplify both sides of the equation. x=zvywx = \frac{zv}{-yw}

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