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Precision means how exact a measurement is. When the units are the same, the measurement with more decimal places is more precise. In these worksheets, students will compare two measurements and identify which is more precise. Use these worksheet to enhance your computation skills. 

For example: Which measurement is more precise?

Choices: `[[74 \ \text{minutes}][15.4 \ \text{minutes}]]`

Algebra 1
Geometry And Measurement

How Will This Worksheet on "Precision" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Enhances accuracy in problem-solving and calculations.
  • Develops critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Strengthens the ability to produce consistent results.
  • Fosters discipline and carefulness in academic work.
  • A...
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Solved Example

Q. Which measurement is more precise?\newlineChoices:\newline(A) 1616 miles\newline(B) 93.293.2 miles
  1. Identify measurements: Identify the given measurements.\newlineWe have two measurements: 1616 miles and 93.293.2 miles.
  2. Determine decimal places: Determine which measurement has more decimal places.\newlineThe measurement 1616 miles has no decimal places, while the measurement 93.293.2 miles has one decimal place.
  3. Compare precision: Compare the precision of the measurements.\newlineA measurement with more decimal places is considered more precise because it indicates a finer level of measurement. Therefore, 93.293.2 miles is more precise than 1616 miles.

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