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Percent error measures the accuracy of a value by comparing the difference between an experimental (or observed) value and a true (or accepted) value, expressed as a percentage of the true value. It is calculated using the formula:

`\text{Percent Error} = \left( \frac{|\text{Experimental Value} - \text{True Value}|}{\text{True Value}} \right) \times 100\%`

This topic is important for evaluating the precision of experimental results in various scientific and mathematical contexts.

Algebra 1
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How Will This Worksheet on "Percent Error" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Teaching accuracy measurement.
  • Encouraging critical evaluation of errors.
  • Reinforcing arithmetic and percentage calculations.
  • Providing insights into experimental reliability.
  • Developing problem-solving skills in error analysis.

How to Find Percent Error?

  • Determine the experimental value (measured val...
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Solved Example

Q. What is the percent error for a measurement of 2525 pints? \newlineWrite your answer in simplest form.
  1. Find Error for 2525 Pints: Find the greatest possible error for 2525 pints.\newlineDivide the smallest unit of measurement by 22.\newline12=0.5\frac{1}{2} = 0.5\newlineGreatest possible error: 0.50.5 pints
  2. Divide by 22: Calculate the percent error.\newlineWe have: \newlineMeasurement: 2525 pints \newlineGreatest possible error: 0.50.5 pints \newlinePercent error = Greatest possible errorMeasurement×100%\frac{\text{Greatest possible error}} { \text{Measurement}} \times 100\%\newlinePercent error = 0.525×100%\frac{0.5} {25} \times 100\%\newline= 0.02×100%0.02 \times 100\%\newline= 2%2\%

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