Identify The Equation As Horizontal Or Vertical Line Worksheet

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To Identify the equation as horizontal or vertical line, use the following formulas.

  • Horizontal Line: \( y = b \), where the line crosses the \( y \)-axis at \( b \) is the \( y \)-coordinate. The \( y \)-value is the same for every point.
  • Vertical Line: \( x = a \), where the line crosses the \( x \)-axis at \( a \) is the \( x \)-coordinate. The \(x \)-value is the same for every point.

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How Will This Worksheet on "Identifying the Equation as a Horizontal or Vertical Line" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Identifies and contrasts various line types and attributes.
  • Boosts precision while graphing on a coordinate plane.
  • Develops understanding of algebraic principles and manipulates equations.
  • The process of problem-solving fosters critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
  • Highlights use in engineering and architecture, among other professions.
  • lays the groundwork for more complex mathematical ideas like calculus and systems ...
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Solved Example

Q. Is the graph of this equation a horizontal or vertical line?\newliney=8y = -8\newlineChoices:\newline(A) horizontal line\newline(B) vertical line
  1. Equation of line: Equation of line: \newliney=8y = -8 \newlineWhich value remains the same, xx or yy?\newliney=8y = -8 tells us that the value of yy is always 8-8. \newlineIt represents that yy remains the same.
  2. Value remains same: Equation of line:\newliney=8y = -8 \newlineIs the line horizontal or vertical?\newlineSince yy is constant in y=8y=-8, the line is parallel to the xx-axis.\newlineSo, the graph of y=8y = -8 is a horizontal line.

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