Identify Solutions To One-Variable Inequalities Worksheet

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Identifying the solution to one-variable inequality refers to comparing two expressions and to show which is bigger or smaller. One-variable inequality focuses on just one variable. The process of determining a solution involves identifying the values of the variable that satisfies the given inequality. In these worksheets, students will find the solution of the inequality by checking all the values of the given variable. 

For example: Which of the following is a solution to the inequality below?

`4 > k`

Choices: `[[k=12][k=6][k=1][k=7]]`

Algebra 1
One-Variable Inequalities

How Will This Worksheet on "Identify Solutions to One-Variable Inequalities" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

  • It enhances critical thinking as students need to examine the inequality and need to take appropriate steps to find the solution.
  • It helps in developing problem-solving skills as students work on different types of problems which helps them in other math problems and everyday challenges.
  • It helps in strengthening the algebraic concepts such as changing equations around, isolating variables, and figuring out the symbols.
  • It helps us to figure out correct answers by using logic and reasoning, thus helpin...
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Solved Example

Q. Which of the following are solutions to the inequality below? Select all that apply.\newline1w1 \leq w\newlineMulti-select Choices:\newline(A) w=10w = 10\newline(B) w=4w = 4\newline(C) w=6w = 6\newline(D) w=1w = 1
  1. Understand the inequality: Understand the inequality.\newlineThe inequality 1w1 \leq w means that ww must be greater than or equal to 11.
  2. Test option (A): Test each option against the inequality.\newline(A) w=10w = 10\newlineCheck if 1010 is greater than or equal to 11.\newline10110 \geq 1 is true.
  3. Test option (B): Test the next option.\newline(B) w=4w = 4\newlineCheck if 44 is greater than or equal to 11.\newline414 \geq 1 is true.
  4. Test option (C): Test the next option.\newline(C) w=6w = 6\newlineCheck if 66 is greater than or equal to 11.\newline616 \geq 1 is true.
  5. Test option (D): Test the last option.\newline(D) w=1w = 1\newlineCheck if 11 is greater than or equal to 11.\newline111 \geq 1 is true.

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