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The greatest possible error refers to the maximum amount by which a measured or calculated value could differ from the true value. The greatest possible error is typically half of the smallest unit of measurement used. Greatest possible error in math worksheets, helps students to identify the greatest possible error for the given measurement.

For example: What is the greatest possible error for a measurement of \(2\) kilograms?

_____ kilograms

Algebra 1
Geometry And Measurement

How Will This Worksheet on "Greatest Possible Error" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Enhances understanding of measurement accuracy and precision.
  • Greatest possible error example pdfs helps students in improving the quality and accuracy of measurements and results.
  • Aids in better error analysis.
  • Helps in developing attention to detail in measurements.
  • Prepares for advanced studies in science and engineering disciplines.


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Solved Example

Q. What is the greatest possible error for a measurement of 55 miles?\newline\newline
  1. Determine precision: Determine the precision for the measurement of 55 miles.\newlineSince the measurement is given as a whole number without any decimal or fractional parts, the precision is to the ones place.\newlinePrecision: 11 mile
  2. Calculate error: Calculate the greatest possible error based on the precision.\newlineThe greatest possible error for a measurement is half of the unit of precision.\newlineGreatest possible error =Precision2= \frac{\text{Precision}}{2}\newline=1 mile2= \frac{1 \text{ mile}}{2}\newline=0.5 miles= 0.5 \text{ miles}

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