Find The Endpoint Given Midpoint And Another Point Worksheet

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Finding the endpoint given the midpoint and another point is a key concept in geometry and coordinate geometry. This involves calculating the coordinates of an unknown endpoint when the midpoint of a line segment and one known endpoint are provided. By applying the midpoint formula and the given coordinates, it is possible to calculate the coordinates of the missing endpoint, allowing for the complete description of the line segment.

Algebra 1
Coordinate Plane

How Will This Worksheet on "Find the Endpoint Given Midpoint and Another Point" Benefit Your Students' Learning?

  • Strengthens understanding of coordinate geometry and midpoint formulas.
  • Provides practice in calculating endpoints using given midpoints and points.
  • Enhances problem-solving skills and application of mathematical formulas.
  • Improves comprehension of the coordinate plane.
  • Prepares students for advanced math and practical applications.

How to Find the Endpoint Given Midpoint and Another Point?

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Solved Example

Q. The midpoint of QR\overline{QR} is M(1, 7)M(1,\ 7). One endpoint is R(2, 6)R(2,\ 6). Find the coordinates of the other endpoint QQ.\newlineWrite the coordinates as decimals or integers.
  1. Midpoint Formula: Identify the midpoint formula for a line segment.\newlineThe midpoint of a line segment with endpoints (x1,y1)(x_1, y_1) and (x2,y2)(x_2, y_2) is given by the formula:\newlineMidpoint = (x1+x22,y1+y22)\left(\frac{x_1 + x_2}{2}, \frac{y_1 + y_2}{2}\right).
  2. Equations Setup: Given the midpoint M(1,7)M(1, 7) and one endpoint R(2,6)R(2, 6), set up the equations to find the coordinates of the other endpoint Q(x,y)Q(x, y).
    Midpoint M=(1,7)M = (1, 7)
    Endpoint R=(2,6)R = (2, 6)
    Midpoint formula: (1,7)=(2+x2,6+y2)(1, 7) = \left(\frac{2 + x}{2}, \frac{6 + y}{2}\right).
  3. Solve for x-coordinate: Solve for the x-coordinate of Q.\newlineUsing the midpoint formula for the x-coordinate:\newline1=2+x21 = \frac{2 + x}{2}\newlineMultiply both sides by 22 to clear the fraction:\newline2=2+x2 = 2 + x\newlineSubtract 22 from both sides to solve for x:\newline0=x0 = x\newlineThe x-coordinate of Q is 00.
  4. Solve for y-coordinate: Solve for the y-coordinate of Q.\newlineUsing the midpoint formula for the y-coordinate:\newline7=6+y27 = \frac{6 + y}{2}\newlineMultiply both sides by 22 to clear the fraction:\newline14=6+y14 = 6 + y\newlineSubtract 66 from both sides to solve for y:\newline8=y8 = y\newlineThe y-coordinate of Q is 88.
  5. Combine Coordinates: Combine the xx and yy coordinates to write the point QQ as an ordered pair.\newlineThe coordinates of point QQ are (0,8)(0, 8).

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