Find Missing Coordinate Given Slope Worksheet

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Find a missing coordinate given slope teaches how to find a missing coordinate (either `x` or `y`) in a coordinate pair when given the slope of a line. By knowing the slope, which indicates how steep the line is, and one coordinate, we can use the slope formula to find the missing coordinate. This skill is handy for graphing lines, solving problems involving straight-line motion, or determining relationships between variables in various contexts.

Algebra 1
Linear Relationship

How Will This Worksheet on "Find a Missing Coordinate Given Slope" Benefit Your Student's Learning?

  • Learning to find missing coordinates using slope enhances students' understanding of the relationship between coordinates and slope in linear equations.
  • It strengthens problem-solving skills by providing a method to fill in missing information in coordinate pairs.
  • Understanding this concept aids in graphing linear equations accurately an...
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Solved Example

Q. The points (5,9)(-5,9) and (6,d)(-6,d) fall on a line with a slope of 00. What is the value of dd?\newlined=___d = \_\_\_
  1. Calculate Slope: Points: (5,9)(-5, 9) and (6,d)(-6, d)\newlineSlope: 00\newlineSelect the equation that represents the slope of the line.\newlineSlope = y2y1x2x1\frac{y_2 - y_1}{x_2 - x_1}\newline0=d96(5)0 = \frac{d - 9}{-6 - (-5)}
  2. Simplify Equation: 0=d96+50 = \frac{d - 9}{-6 + 5}\newlineSimplify the right side of the equation.\newline0=d910 = \frac{d - 9}{-1}
  3. Multiply by 1-1: 0=d910 = \frac{d - 9}{-1}\newlineMultiply both sides by 1-1.\newline0×(1)=d91×(1)0 \times (-1) = \frac{d - 9}{-1} \times (-1)\newline0=d90 = d - 9
  4. Solve for d: 0=d90 = d - 9\newlineSolve for d.\newline0=d90 = d - 9\newline0+9=d9+90 + 9 = d - 9 + 9\newline9=d9 = d

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